Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Black Leather Strap Men's Watches

Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive Leather Strap With Marine Blue Hands
Citizen AO9000-06B Eco-Drive comes with a round classic watch that is made of stainless steel case and joined by a masculine embossed leather strap for confident professional appeal. The silver case with stationary silver-tone stainless steel bezel function and polished black Arabic numbers with polished marine blue hands, sweep seconds, and hands mark sub-dials.

In addition, Citizen AO9000-06B equipped by the Eco-Drive Citizen technology that can convert the light and store it as energy into the battery. The Date Day display are represented in two sub-dials right on 9 and 3 o'clock positions. Water resistant up to 30 meters / 99 feet, Read more specs ....

Casio G-Shock GLS8900 G-LIDE Big Case Extreme Sports Watches

Casio G-Shock GLS8900-1 G-LIDE Black Big Case
G-Shock GLS8900-1

Casio G-Shock GLS8900 is the G-Lide sports line of G-Shock which is the choice of extreme sports athletes. The watch comes with the Big Case design that can used to confirm necessary information quickly. The low-temperature resistant stuck on GLS-8900 as main feature which make them the perfect choice for snowboarders, back country skiers, and others who seek their adventure in extreme cold.
Casio G-Shock GLS8900-2 G-LIDE Blue Big Case
G-Shock GLS8900-2

Casio G-Shock GLS8900-4 G-LIDE Red Big Case
G-Shock GLS8900-4
Casio G-Shock GLS8900 features a stopwatch function is newly strengthened with  1/100 seconds that can measure simultaneously and two 1000 hours total stopwatch. Vapor deposition processing was performed and the high dial window of the textures which release metallic skillful brightness was adopted, and it was three-dimensional and made expression with impact.

Casio G-Shock GLS8900-9 G-LIDE Yellow Big Case
G-Shock GLS8900-9

In addition, G-Shock GLS8900 comes with an Auto LED "Super Illuminator" that allows you to activate the backlight with a flick-of-the-wrist for easy reading under harsh conditions, Shock resistant, 4 Multi-Function Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm, Full Auto Calendar, and water resistant up to 200 meters.

Casio GA-110BC G-Shock X Baby-G Design Pair Big Case Men's Watch

G-Shock GA-110BC is the appearance of the new model of the design pair towards active and  sporty young men. The watch model currently supported focusing on the young man who likes a street casual fashion, and BABY-G which celebrates the 20th anniversary by the ladies' model this year appears.

G-Shock GA-110BC base on the popular model of G-Shock GA-110 that is a Big Case watch and BA-110 design which realized miniaturization and slimming down so that a female arm might be fitted as it is. The color lineup are the vivid blue and yellow expressing the tough image of G-SHOCK,  the white has a matte finish for a truly elegant look represents active and pop, and the silver models has a lustrous finish that makes them really stand out, Check the model watch ...


In addition, GA-110BC is equipped by shock and magnetic resistant, bezel and case made of resin material which covered by mineral glass crystal to protect from scratches. Regular timekeeping is the analog time of the watch that synchronize with the digital time and setting is adjusted automatically whenever you change the digital time. Daylight Saving Time advances the time setting by one hour from Standard Time, Read more .....

GA-110BC is also supported with 1/1000 stopwatch to measure elapsed time, lap times, and split time, World Time digitally displays the current time in one of 48 cities (29 time zones) around the world. The alarm tone sounds at the preset time for 10 seconds. An Auto LED illuminates the face of the watch for easy reading in the dark  and auto light switch turn on illumination automatically when you angle the watch towards your face. Water resistant up to 200 meters.

Casio Baby-G BGD-140-7 Dual Illuminator Women's Watch

Casio Baby-G BGD-140-7A Dual Illuminator Women's Watch
Baby-G BGD-140-7B
Casio Baby-G BGD-140-7 Series comes with the liquid crystal and dial emits light in colorful appearance. This model uses a Dual Illuminator as a part of liquid crystal display, as well as on the lower surface of the dial has an optical transparency. To express the sense of fun to Baby-G BGD-140-7, using a Dual Illuminator and usually more liquid on the dial, the device emits the different light lit from color liquid crystal.

Casio Baby-G BGD-140-7B Dual Illuminator Women's Watch
Baby-G BGD-140-7B
Baby-G BGD-140-7 adopt a white base color, face wide dynamic case has more heightened the impact that can be used in various situations and it became a sporty model. In addition, to protect the watch from shock in the bezel, the watch supported by the protection of vertical wind, Full Auto Calendar, daylight saving time setting function, and water resistant up to 200 meters.

Casio Baby-G BGD-140 Variants:
Casio Baby-G BGD-140-1A Dual Illuminator Women's Watch
Baby-G BGD-140-1A
Casio Baby-G BGD-140-1B Dual Illuminator Women's Watch
Baby-G BGD-140-1B
Casio Baby-G BGD-140-4 Dual Illuminator Women's Watch
Baby-G BGD-140-4

Casio G-Shock G9300GB-1 Black And Gold Digital Compass Watches

Casio G-Shock G9300GB-1 Black And Gold Digital Compass Watches
G-Shock G9300GB-1 comes with a matching combination of black and gold. Base on 2 high- performance models - The line GXW-56 with anti-shock structure of its own which supported by the module protector and alpha gel of G-3000 which adopts mud resist, a shock resist, a direction and temperature measurement feature.

The case has the color as accent to the gold of the calm tone and fascinating texture of mirror processing that is given everywhere, was finished in a cool design coupled with matte texture of the black body that combines high design and the latest technology.
Casio G-Shock G9300GB-1 Case and Band Resin
In addition, G-Shock G9300GB-1 is equipped by multiband 6 to receive six radio station signals in the world and corrects the time automatically. Tough solar gives power by light, mud resistant, full auto calendar, Twin Sensor including digital compass and temperature measurement, and water resistant up to 200 meters.